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September 16, 2010
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Who's Silver The Hedgehog real mother and father - SPOILER

Silver The Hedgehog - the main protagonist of the story. He is the future child of Shadow and Amy, and the leader of a group of elemental psychic children called Team Future(he renamed it to Team Eclipse). He really cares for his teammates and Princess Blaze, a tomboyish pyrokinetic cat girl, who quickly falls for him after he decides to protect her with his life. He was the one who saved Blaze from drowning by giving her an air capsule and is declared as her bodyguard.He also tells her to cry to keep her heart going while he was glowing and uses Moonlight Nazonian's Kiss on her (see chapter 1 and 9 (pretimeskip)). He promises Blaze that he will keep on loving her forever, and decides to let her stay in this sacred tradition. he is immortally 15-18 in the normal- timeskip series. It is revealed that Silver was taken away from Amy and Shadow and was a test subject for Dark Psychokinesis by Professor Rockwell, 10 years ago and not having any contact with the female gender, but he refused and decides to go back staying with Shadow and Amy so he can get close to Blaze(after he escaped from the lab). Silver won Blaze's heart in parts 1-20. His personality changes from being serious to naive whenever he sees Blaze or anyone that interacts with him. It is also revealed that Silver might be coming from a long line of Nazonian princes and matrix fighters.It is also revealed that Silver was Blaze's boyfriend by Queen Sara and The King of Southern Islands and his father, Shadow(because of the Solarian Tribal law, see flashback). It is revealed that he has three alternate outfits(2 leather, the other is a holiday-type, last one is cyber). He is trained under the skills of black arms combat by his father, Shadow. Besides all that, Silver is also good at singing, just like both Shadow and Sonic. It is also revealed that Silver is also the future grandson of Black Doom. Silver has pure psychokinesis by his strong heart(cyber angel), but it turns dark when infuriated with red eyes(cyber demon).It is currently unknown if he is finding the Eclipse Chamber. his weapon of choice is an unnamed dagger.He has two cyber character change chao.Silver is also sensitive when someone tries to yell at him.

Silver's Super Transformations

    * Super Silver
    * Cyber Angel Silver(pure energy)
    * Cyber Demon Silver(infuriation)
    * Matrix Silver(8 matrix emeralds needed in order to transform)

Shadow The Hedgehog - He is Silver's father(both present and future), and an ageless character created by Prof. Gerald Robotnik and Black Doom.unknown info about him or his past. It is revealed that he and Sonic are brothers. He taught and trained Silver under a few skills in black arms combat making him an official ally. Terios is his former name which means "the reflection of".He is immortally 16-20, and his chronological age is over +50. He also cares for his future family relatives, Amy and Silver.(they(Amy and Silver) both still call him by his first name)) his weapon of choice is Arondight.He has a Black arms character change hawks(x2) and a dragon.

Shadow's Transformations

    * Super Shadow
    * Demon Shadow
    * Black Arms Shadow

Metal Sonic- He helps Sonic, Shadow, Silver and Blaze fight against other enemies as well and has a friendly bond with Sachiko.

Amy Rose - She's is Silver's mother(both present and future) after she breaks up with Sonic only to stay with Shadow. She takes Blaze and the others to go shopping with her every week. She is immortally 13-19 in the normal-timeskip volumes.She taught Silver how to cook and other things like chores. She hopes that Silver might get a little sister soon.Weapon: Piko-Piko and Mega Hammers. She has a flowery character change chao.

    * Rose Maiden

If you want more information go to this website:…
Who's Silver The Hedgehog real Mother and Father
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Loanet Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The thing about Silver's mother, is that Silver is from 200 years in the future. NONE of the current Sonic chicks can be his mother; he's from too far in the future for that. The closest thing is that one of them is great-great-great-GREAT-grandmother.

Still, Sega can design Silver how they like, and the resemblance is a big start but if they didn't want people to say Shadow is Silver's ancestor, they would never have made Silver 'Sir Galahad'. There's LOTS of knights. That's like saying "Dammit Shadow, here's a big flashing neon t-shirt saying "I'm a dad!"

Even writers in Archie believe it; they just don't want to be proven wrong just yet.
Loanet Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
One of my personal shaky theories if you're INSISTENT on being directly one generation down, is that Silver was BORN to this timeline and then frozen in time with, you guessed it - CHAOS CONTROL.
sethisham Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
I can see shadow and Amy being silver's mother and father but the only thing i have a problem with is HOW THE F*** DID SILVER GET THAT POT SHAPED HAIR (lol he's a pothead) i dont see any resemblance of amy and shadow making silver have a pothead
darkhills Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
Well he got his "pot shaped hair" (i'm guessing) from Amy because of her 3 strips of bangs, silver has them but the only different is that his are longer. I'm guessing that the reason why he got that "pot shaped hair". 
Awesome101X Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Student
This makes a lot of sense. Silver doesn't have shadows speed because shadow wears hover shoes. And shadow is immortal and amy isn't. So that could make silver age very very very slowly. So maybe they gave their child away to avoid any pain to amy, because she will never see silver grow up. So that explains the silver from the 200 years in the future part. And the silvers speed part. I hope this smart explanation gets spreader around so people can stop acting like idiots. 😎
blackheart354 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I agree that Shadow and Amy are Silver's parents, but the one thing I don't get is why the freak he has potleaf quills? Back to the main thing. He has Shadow's stubbornness and Amy's boots and enthusiasm. So... Yeah, he is their child and I say this with no doubt in my mind.
amyroseytherascal Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013  Student Traditional Artist

i definitely think silver is of shadow and amy resemblance. I have a huge poster in my room of al the sonic characters and if I look at silver I compare him with shadow first. there was a lot of similarities between them both later the same but with amy and silver comparison again lots of similarities, you can tell shadow and amy are his birth parents


Midnight4536 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013
Dude this is a mind blower you can totally see the resemblence lol!
blazethecatkitty Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013
lol no offence to sally fans but... I really dont like her what the heck is she a squirrel or a chipmunk?
bbbdinabbb Featured By Owner May 2, 2013
Shes Chipmunk in mobius encyclopaedia its says - "Species:Mobian/Chipmunk" if you don't believe go check it
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